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  • 15 Feb 2024

GCB token launched its public sale on February 15th 2024

As we mentioned, the custom process is to introduce the token first to then complete its project but the developing company GCB for financial technology reversed the norms and introduced its digital token after ensuring the readiness of its project and after putting it to the stage of operation in the markets.

For the pioneers in crypto markets, this outstanding leap is a golden opportunity for them to invest in a digital token that initiated its unique project in the markets in advance, which ensures absolute success and strong expectations for an almost guaranteed price growth for the GCB Token.
GCB token has received a warm welcome and high anticipation among its community and most experts and analysts described it as a masterstroke.  GCB is currently a trend among Arab youth who keeps pace with crypto transformation and is the most captivating subject among young businessmen and entrepreneurs who constantly strive to adopt distinctive digital and crypto  projects.

It is worthy to note  that many experienced Arab influencers in the digital world voiced their desire to support this integrated digital project and decided to cover it predicting a huge trading volume and a price explosion for the GCB token, especially  with the inclusion of GCB and the beginning of the expected crypto season, in which crypto markets are expected to witness price rise, or what is globally known as the (Bull Run) stage.
GCB Financial Technology offered its token for public sale  at a price not exceeding six cents and a Market Cap ranging approximately at twenty million dollars, where it will offer only 350 Million token which is 20 Percent of the total mining quantity and it is significant to mention  that the smart contract for the GCB token is developed with the latest encrypted technology in  the markets with vesting release and auto- burning protocol which ensures maintaining the balance of the price value and gaining levels that rise rapidly in the rate of increase in demand in front of supply rates, which necessitates this technology to achieve continuous price rise throughout a period of 12 months following the listing date.

GCB Token, supported by its project, the GCB digital financial system, is owned by the public joint stock company GCB, which encompasses two thousand partners from Arab businessmen therefore making it a community force in the market with powerful impact in the Arab world. This helped in achieving the maximum level of publicity and making it reach high expectations for very huge price levels, as well as an unparalleled congregation even before its public sale start today.

From the first day, the public sale marked a huge success and captivated the attention of the mass just as were the expectations.